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Awaken your inner child.

Who We Are

A collective of loving friends, the new generation of acquired families. Sitting on a ship that grounds on love, honesty and understanding for each other, we sail the unknown in search for freedom for the entire human race; freedom from injustice, prejudices, sexism, racism, xenophobia, nazism and any kind of threat to personal emancipation.

What We Do

With our flow arts workshops we aim at awakening one’s own inner child, stimulating creativity and playfulness in life. We want to empower people to experience the bliss of not buying something new. Instead, we can teach them to explore and to create toys from scratch, with “trash” and raw materials. By giving new life to the trash we produce we add new value, handcrafting not just things but fun and joyful experiences.

We intend to create a safe space where people can feel free to experience a full body interaction through flow arts, without any fear of failure nor feeling ashamed to try something new; a space for honesty to and with ourselves, in order to build a basis for well-balanced human interaction.

Because everybody has the natural skill to be creative and to learn new skills by actively doing things, so we want to stimulate this hands-on approach by showing people how to build their own juggling toys.

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Kreuzberg, Berlin 10999

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